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Marina Refueling Station

Starting from the Incheon Asian Games Wangsan Marina Refueling Station for the first time in Korea, Uljin Marina has been designed and implemented to prevent from marina fuel contamination.
We do our best as a leader in domestic and overseas marina refueling systems with perfect safety devices. Project Management : EPC
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  • Engineering Design
    • Ocean Marina Station
    • Inland Water Marina Station
    • Harbor Gas Station
    • Clean Marina Refueling System
  • Engineering Work
    • Comprehensive Design
    • Process
    • Piping
    • Equipment
    • Civil & Architectural
    • Electrical & Instrument
    • Stress Analysis
    • Rental Business
  • Engineering Technical
    • Technology Consulting
    • Trial Run
    • Training
    • Material Take- Off (BM)
  • Others
    • Storage Tank Design
    • Strength and Tank Structure
    • Corrosion Protection System
    • Soil Report
    • 3D Modeling