Business Area

Oil / Gas / Chemical Depot

In the refinery and gas petrochemical projects, we are conducting EPC work for all processes of oil and gas and chemical storage bases based on our basic technology. In the rapidly changing market flow, Yooju Engineering & Construction Corp has secured superior technical skills and specialized experiences to meet the needs of international and domestic customers.
We promise to develop into a future-oriented company in the field of storage base construction. Business Area: EPC
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시작 정지
  • Engineering Design Field
    • Petroleum Oil Storage Base
    • Liquid Propane Gas Storage Base
    • Aerial Fuel Storage Depot
    • Chemical Liquid Storage Depot
  • Engineering Work
    • Comprehensive Design
    • Process
    • Piping
    • Equipment
    • Civil & Architectural
    • Electrical & Instrument
    • Stress Analysis
    • Rental Business
  • Engineering Technical
    • Technology Consulting
    • Trial Run
    • Training
    • Material Take- Off (BM)
  • Others
    • Storage Tank Design
    • Strength and Tank Structure
    • Corrosion Protection System
    • Soil Report
    • 3D Modeling