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Gasoline Refueling Station

We built more than 50 gas stations in Korea and abroad and our team satisfied every needs of customers as type of self/general/clean gas station.
And many of auto car washing facilities and subsidiary facilities as like waste water treatment system were also supplied as a total package system of gasoline refueling station by Yooju. Project Management : EPC
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  • Engineering Design
    • Commercial Gas Station
    • Self Gas Station
    • Gas Station Clean System
    • Gas Station Remodeling
  • Engineering Work
    • Comprehensive Design
    • Process
    • Piping
    • Equipment
    • Civil & Architectural
    • Electrical & Instrument
    • Stress Analysis
    • Rental Business
  • Engineering Technical
    • Technology Consulting
    • Trial Run
    • Training
    • Material Take- Off (BM)
  • Others
    • Storage Tank Design
    • Strength and Tank Structure
    • Corrosion Protection System
    • Soil Report
    • 3D Modeling